Quebec Food and Culture I

Trip to Quebec City, January 2012.

I am NOT a fan of winter. It is especially dreadful to experience it in the city, where winds howl between sky scrapers, and side walks become ice cross runs (Aren’t familiar with the sport ? Think bobsledding but with skates, through the historic streets of Quebec City. Check out this video, you will not be disappointed!).

As much as I love salads and smoothies, I have no interest in eating these meals during the winter. I crave the warm comfort foods that grand-mamans put on the table when you return after a day of sledding or snowshoeing. Tonight, open a bottle of red wine and rip up a baguette to dip in cheese fondue. Then, bake a poudding chomeur, which literally translates to “unemployed person’s pudding”. It’s a simple light cake floating in syrup and it will warm you right up in case the wine didn’t. I love Ricardo, a Quebecois celebrity chef. Try out his recipe here.

Have a good weekend and remember, only a few more months of winter O_O.

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