How to Buy a Decent Bottle of Wine for Under $11

It’s a red wine kind of night.

Ikea glass of Vila Regia wine

About a year ago, I decided to only buy wines ringing up to under 11$ (the random number is because so many wines I love are in the $10-$11 range). Portuguese wines such as Vila Regia give you great quality per dollar, and sure, my friends are all sick of me preaching this.  And bringing Portuguese wines everywhere I go. And being generally obsessed with Portugal. As much as I love wine, as a student, I don’t set out to be a snobby wine connaisseur. Apparently, I look like a chocolate chip connaisseur, though. While doing groceries today, some college dude flagged me down to ask me which chocolate chips he should use in pancakes. The small ones are best, in my opinion, because they melt better.

– “Umm I meant milk or dark?”, deer in headlights.

He left with a nice package of semi-sweet. People stop me a heck of a lot and ask for my advice. Maybe I look nice; I should work on being more threatening. On a side note, the baking isle must be a great place to pick up girls!

Back to wines. I read a lot of online reviews, and look out for sales at the liquor commission. Most of all, I try not to buy the same bottle twice, unless I reeeeallyyyy loved it. This allows me to try a whole bunch of different wines I normally wouldn’t buy. Try some Portuguese wine. It might surprise you.

On a side note, I have this crazy idea for a screenplay; it has lodged itself in my mind and I can’t make it go away. I wish I was a person of extreme wealth capable of funding movie projects. Maybe if I had all that money though,  I would rather travel, or blog full-time. If only I could actually write the dang screenplay though (oh yeah, and get it picked up, edited, produced, and have Patricia Clarkson cast, etc). Sigh. At least I have wine.


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