5 Fave Coffee Shops in Montreal


5)Le Pikolo This place is tiny, so the name suits it perfectly. The decor is adorable. It’s a great place to mingle with other college students.
4)La Petite Cuillère This place has a relaxed, classically Montreal feel. The coffee is great and the food is even better. They serve classics like croque-monsieurs and I have never been disappointed. They also have amazing lunch deals.
3)Café Pi Though the outside is dull, the inside is strikingly cool. Regulars come to this cafe to play chess or backgammon, which is something to see. I think this is one of the best date ideas, getting coffee and playing chess, but I’m an engineer, what do I know.
2) Le Myriade it’s known as the best coffee in town. The coffee is great, the only thing I don’t dig is the tiny shop with all the hype. There are lineups for a seat! But, if you’re either patient or don’t want to sit, this place rocks and deserves its title of Montreal coffee standard.
1) Le Castel
This is my favorite. The coffee is delicious, the baristas are talented artists that draw faces in your latte, and the decor is seriously cool. It’s located on busy Sherbrooke street, right beside the university. In the summer, 2 walls of windows open up for an almost terrace feel. All year round, it’s the cutest spot to people watch. If you dream about having coffee in Paris but are in Montreal instead, definitely check out this place. The food is subpar, but the croissants are very good.

Please, send me your suggestions if your favorite place didn’t make my list!

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