6 Beautiful Things about Montreal

From what’s in the news lately, Montreal is one f***ed up city. People are fighting about language (French vs English), the roads are falling to pieces, people are protesting tuition fees, the city is heavily corrupt and winter is right around the corner. Lately, when I say the name Montreal, it is usually followed by a complaint. It’s just so easy, there are so many things wrong with this city, so many things to hate. Yet when I least expect it, the city sneaks up on me and I notice how beautiful it is.

Reasons Montreal is beautiful:
1) Sunsets. I know, the sun sets everywhere but I love urban sunsets and ours don’t disappoint.


2) Quirky Art The city commissions the weirdest projects. This summer artists transformed a drab alleyway into a purple paradise. Last summer, they made architectural trees. Yeah, it kind of looks like they hung elephant condoms on a wire, but it adds to the quirkiness of the city. Montreal isn’t the model with the perfect face. It’s the model with two different eye colors and a crooked nose, but it works.


3) European feel I love walking around the plateau and looking at the architecture.


4) Nature A 20 min drive gets you to breathtaking scenery


5) Food is a beautiful thing. A short metro ride to little Italy gets you the most delicious pizza you’ll find outside of Italy. A short walk from there gets you all kinds of international foods. Montreal is food obsessed.


6) Culture Montrealers have “joie de vivre”, which means the enjoyment of life, that translates to everything we do. Friends get together, talk and drink wine until the wee hours of the morning…on a Thursday night! That is maybe the most beautiful of all.


Please forgive my crappy photos, they were all snapped with my iPhone

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