Coffee Shop Cheats: Save $ at Starbucks


I know, I know. I’m supposed to be avoiding coffee shops, but let’s face it, it’s not realistic to say that I will never go to a coffee shop again. One thing for sure, i’m obsessed with coffee. I’m just trying to be smarter about it.


  • By packing a muffin or a baked good before I leave the house (check out the healthy recipes I will be posting for inspiration). That way, I’m not tempted by the high-fat goodies in the elegant display.
  • By bringing my own mug. Most places offer a discount.
  • By becoming familiar with the deals. At Second Cup, if you load a pre-paid card with 30$, you get a free latte. Also, on Tuesdays, lattes are significantly cheaper. At a different coffee shop, buy 10 coffees and get a free one.
  • By buying a simple brewed coffee. It is usually the cheapest item on the menu, and they sometimes offer flavoured coffee for a fraction of the price of a sugary mocchacino. I can then go for some extra flavour with any add-ins they have at the counter, such as milk, cinnamon, cocoa, vanilla sugar, etc.
  • By not ordering the largest size. I know it’s only 20 cents more, but I drink super slowly and I never end up finishing it. I rather have those 20 cents in my pocket.

It should be noted that I completely disregard any rules when it comes to seasonal coffees. Gotta live. That means indulging in a pumpkin latte every fall, an eggnog latte every winter, a candy-cane latter during Xmas shopping and a maple latte in the spring. The rules also go out the window when I’m in need of some extra study motivation. Isn’t that plate with the scone cute? The scone came with raspberry jam and butter. It was by far inferior to my scone recipe though so if you’re craving scones, save your $ and check out my super easy scone recipe.

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