Halloween Mini-Tarts


Happy Halloween take 2! Tonight is the night of the party I’ve been waiting for. I can’t wait to slip on my costume and have a blast with old friends.

I wanted to make something quick and easy. My go-to is mini tarts, from the eagle brand website.


I made the tarts as usual, but I wanted them to fit the theme, so I got the idea of decorating them with spider webs. I piped on 2 concentric circles of melted chocolate (using a ziplock bag with a tiny hole cut into the corner, see my mini-cupcake post for details) then extended the spokes using a toothpick.

Halloween on a Wednesday means twice as much fun, doesn’t it. This week, I took a well needed mental break from school so that I don’t burn out before the start of the next set of midterms. I was on a bit of a dessert theme this week, but only because I had time to make interesting things! The usual lazy student stuff will be back next week, when I go back to being more of an engineer than a Martha Stewart.

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