What Guys Really Think About Fashion Trends

In the male-dominated world of engineering, I’m a very girly girl. I don’t care if jeans, plain t-shirts and running shoes is the uniform, I will still wear whatever makes me happy. If I want to dress fashionably for class, I will.

Now, engineering guys are the best, but when it comes to clothing and accessories, function usually wins over fashion, which makes for some very interesting conversations about what I’m wearing.

I will show you 4 trends that I have worn to class and the comments associated with each.

1) Zippers on the back of a shirt – “It is like a wetsuit.”

During a lecture, I felt my top being unzipped! I turned around to glare at my friend, sitting behind me. He told me he thought my shirt was cool, in the wet-suit way. Interesting.

2) Cameos – “Are those edible earrings? Like, are they made of chocolate?”

Yes, I do realize the Laura Secord logo is a cameo, but still. Edible ____ (underwear, necklaces etc) are usually not class appropriate.

3) Coloured Pants – “Who do you think you are? Peter Pan?”

This trend is huge now and I just bought myself a pair of aqua pants. The first day I wore them, I got asked if I came from Never Never Land. Yes, yes I did indeed! (Also, speaking of the boots “Cool boots, are they real leather?”)


4) Rugby Shirt – “You’re such a bro with that shirt”

Now, this is an actual picture my guy friends took of me in class. They then posted it on Facebook with the caption “Amy being a bro in a rugby shirt”.

I should disclose that the guys I quoted are known for purposefully trying to piss me off, and I love them for it. I laugh along with them every time they comment on how I’m dressed. Nevertheless, I really do think they see fashion differently from us with both X and Y chromosomes. When I dress in a trench coat, I think I look like a stylish Londoner, the kind from Burberry ads, but my guy friends think I look like a business woman. Sigh.


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One thought on “What Guys Really Think About Fashion Trends

  1. “bro” or not, that rugby shirt looks so cozy (and stylish)

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