Monthly Archives: May 2013

Red Velvet

I’m working on some of the usual content (some engineering stuff, some Montreal stuff) but before I get to that, I wanna talk about red velvet cupcakes. Do you know that song by Lana Del Rey called “blue velvet”? I’ve had that song in my head while writing this post. I read red velvet in the tone she sings blue velvet. Sigh.

I think I’m the last one on the cupcake bandwagon, and that is because I don’t like frosting. I have a special hatred for buttercream frosting, and that seems to be on all cupcakes you buy at a bakery. All except red velvet. I feasted on red velvet cupcakes while on a trip to Manhattan, so I decided to make them upon my return.

I hate the amount of food colouring that goes into these cupcakes though. I’ve heard you can make them with beets. Has anyone tried this? Please link me to a recipe if you have. I’m a little scared, but really wanna find a substitute for the artificial food colouring.



Back in Black

So that was a long and unexpected hiatus, I got busy with school, work, friends and most importantly, I couldn’t remember the reasons why I was blogging in the first place.

I also write for a publication on campus. Nothing major, but it did use up most of my creative writing energy.

That being said, I have missed this so I am back. Uh huh back in black!