My Pathetic Attemps at Latte Art

After weird Tupperware pudding comes failed Latte art. This is really a 2 part self-deprecation mini-series.

I want to be able to do latte art! It’s so impressive. My dream is to serve someone, a man friend perhaps, a coffee that doubles as art. I mean, how hard is it to draw a heart with espresso and milk?

Well, hard. And I should have realized that I can’t draw with a paper and pencil, never mind coffee. Everyone thinks engineers need to be good at drawing. Most of us are not at all.

My favourite cafe (Castel, go there, it is awesome!) makes crazy lattes. Sometimes they draw faces, sometimes leaves, this time, the guy drew what I think is a dragon. It could also be a peacock? It’s kind of like an ink blot test. Comment what you think it is so I can psychoanalyse you muahaha

20130609-003455.jpg I plan on watching some YouTube tutorials which will hopefully enlighten me on how to acquire this skill. I just might have to make lots of coffees. And I just might have to drink them, so they don’t go to waste. This might be good for productivity, on this day of presentation prep and studying. Here’s to useful procrastination!


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