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The Science Behind Making Lattes

My obsession with coffee crept into my end of semester project, studying the science of frothing milk. This was done for my class on Heat Transfer, which covers the different ways heat is transmit between media.

To summarize, stainless steel does transmit heat to your hand faster than any other medium shown (better than a thermos, duh), due to it’s conductivity coefficient. That’s important when steaming milk, as you can quickly gauge milk temperature by holding the milk pitcher. The project was pretty ridiculous and involved lots of measuring temperatures with a meat thermometer. It’s probably the silliest experiment I’ve gotten away with during my Engineering degree, but it was great fun.

We made a lot of assumptions in order to perform the experiment, but the process of milk frothing, one maybe taken for granted by us coffee drinkers, is quite complex. What impresses me is the fully automated espresso machines. There could be more science behind making coffee than you would think.


What Guys Really Think About Fashion Trends

In the male-dominated world of engineering, I’m a very girly girl. I don’t care if jeans, plain t-shirts and running shoes is the uniform, I will still wear whatever makes me happy. If I want to dress fashionably for class, I will.

Now, engineering guys are the best, but when it comes to clothing and accessories, function usually wins over fashion, which makes for some very interesting conversations about what I’m wearing.

I will show you 4 trends that I have worn to class and the comments associated with each.

1) Zippers on the back of a shirt – “It is like a wetsuit.”

During a lecture, I felt my top being unzipped! I turned around to glare at my friend, sitting behind me. He told me he thought my shirt was cool, in the wet-suit way. Interesting.

2) Cameos – “Are those edible earrings? Like, are they made of chocolate?”

Yes, I do realize the Laura Secord logo is a cameo, but still. Edible ____ (underwear, necklaces etc) are usually not class appropriate.

3) Coloured Pants – “Who do you think you are? Peter Pan?”

This trend is huge now and I just bought myself a pair of aqua pants. The first day I wore them, I got asked if I came from Never Never Land. Yes, yes I did indeed! (Also, speaking of the boots “Cool boots, are they real leather?”)


4) Rugby Shirt – “You’re such a bro with that shirt”

Now, this is an actual picture my guy friends took of me in class. They then posted it on Facebook with the caption “Amy being a bro in a rugby shirt”.

I should disclose that the guys I quoted are known for purposefully trying to piss me off, and I love them for it. I laugh along with them every time they comment on how I’m dressed. Nevertheless, I really do think they see fashion differently from us with both X and Y chromosomes. When I dress in a trench coat, I think I look like a stylish Londoner, the kind from Burberry ads, but my guy friends think I look like a business woman. Sigh.


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Mojitos & Mechanics of Materials

Mechanics Mojitos

Studying in Style

This was back in September, which feels like forever ago. I have been utterly unproductive these past few weeks. Also, I’m going stir crazy. Has my apartment gotten smaller? It feels like it. Anyways. All this added up makes for horrible finals preparation. I called the parental units; they agreed to house and feed me for the next few days. I couldn’t be happier, especially since that means I can stop eating chili for breakfast, lunch and supper. ┬áMy plan for tonight? Make a fire, study by said fire while listening to Xmas music, then reward self with baked goods and wine.

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