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Tea Addicts Anonymous?

Guys, I think I have a problem. I’m packing up since I’m moving next week. This is my tea collection.

It filled an entire box, and that was after I consolidated the individual tea boxes.

That’s a ridiculous amount of tea for one person. Oops.

Stay tuned for my moving day Sangria recipe!


Poor Lobster

Every time my parents cook live lobsters, it makes me so sad. I swear to never eat meat again, but then I do. I guess I’m not only wimpy, but also inconsistent. Lobster is so tasty though.

Are you guys capable of boiling lobsters?

I don’t think I’d ever order it in a restaurant though, especially not in a fancy one. I got lobster juice all over, shell cuts on my hands, garlic butter all over my face. A piece of claw went flying when my dad cracked it. It was a mess! It doesn’t scream “dinner to complement my beautiful evening gown” to me.

A little cheese, a little coffee

I went to Saint-Lambert, on the south shore of Montreal, for lunch with a friend at a cheese shop. It’s called l’échoppe des fromages, and is similar to the cheese shops you’d find in Europe, but minus the stink. If you’ve been to France, you know what I mean.

I used to eat lunch here often when I lived on the South Shore. If you haven’t been, it’s worth it. It’s located on a trendy street and many Quebec celebrities live nearby, so you might catch a glimpse of one.

20130617-232741.jpg We ordered a large cheese platter to share. It came with 3 cheese choices and one charcuterie choice. We got an aged cheddar, a goat cheese, and another local hard cheese, with a duck terrine, which stole the show. The platter came with fruit and endless baguette toast. The price is by weight, so the platter can vary a lot in price depending on the cheeses you are given.

I want to rave about the café au lait served in a bowl. It was an actual, ceramic bowl. My pet hate is clear glass mugs, I simply refuse to drink hot beverages out of them. I just don’t enjoy them if they’re in glass! Last time I went out for breakfast with the boyfriend, he ordered a café au lait in a mug. I wanted mine in a bowl, as it was indicated on the menu. As it turns out, his came in a proper ceramic cup, mine came in a larger glass mug. How that is a bowl, I don’t know. Anyways, the coffee at l’Échoppe was amazing.

The service wasn’t great, but all the other times I had great service, so we might have hit a bad waitress.

If you want to downshift, sip coffee and eat delicious cheese, take a trip to the South side. Student alternative? Go to Provigo, buy 2-3 cheeses that are on sale, 1 charcuterie, some fruit and some baguette. Lots of money saved. I’m actually going to do this, but as a picnic.

Mango Pudding

I stumbled upon a recipe for mango pudding while reading an old issue of Eating Well. Friends of mine have been raving about mango pudding made by their Chinese relatives. Since I love only sweetened condensed milk more than I love mangoes, I was already sold on the idea.

I then went to the grocery store to find a sale on mangoes, the ataulfo kind, as in, the only real mangoes. Don’t even talk to me about the big red ones! So, it was fate. I bought a whole bunch (5 to be precise), chopped them up and puréed them.


20130609-001207.jpg Then I added a can of low fat sweetened condensed milk and the juice of 1 lime to the purée. The original recipe called for first putting the purée through a sieve, but I’m a busy cook. Ain’t nobody got time for sifting or straining.

Then I prepared two packets of gelatine ( enough for 4 cups of liquid ) in the laziest way, by pouring 1/2 cup of water , letting the powder dissolve, microwaving it for 20 seconds and then stirring. I folded it into the mango mixture and poured it into greased containers.

You’re supposed to put them in ramekins, set them in the fridge for about 2 hours, and unmold them. I don’t have ramekins so I used mismatched Tupperware, whichever were about the size I wanted.

20130609-001820.jpg That made the pudding look a bit funky when unmolded. Oops. I’m a busy student living in a city constantly begging me to go out and play. I want my blog to show my real life, weird Tupperware puddings included. I love Instagram, but it almost gives me this complex about my cooking, that if it doesn’t look as good as these people’s, I have failed. Sometimes, like now, I remember that I cook because it’s fun and I love to eat tasty things.

The pudding was delicious and I served it to the friend I made dinner for. Rave reviews all around.


Red Velvet

I’m working on some of the usual content (some engineering stuff, some Montreal stuff) but before I get to that, I wanna talk about red velvet cupcakes. Do you know that song by Lana Del Rey called “blue velvet”? I’ve had that song in my head while writing this post. I read red velvet in the tone she sings blue velvet. Sigh.

I think I’m the last one on the cupcake bandwagon, and that is because I don’t like frosting. I have a special hatred for buttercream frosting, and that seems to be on all cupcakes you buy at a bakery. All except red velvet. I feasted on red velvet cupcakes while on a trip to Manhattan, so I decided to make them upon my return.

I hate the amount of food colouring that goes into these cupcakes though. I’ve heard you can make them with beets. Has anyone tried this? Please link me to a recipe if you have. I’m a little scared, but really wanna find a substitute for the artificial food colouring.




I’m back! After a long midterm-induced hiatus, I will again be posting on a regular basis. This weekend, I got roped into dinner at my parent’s house, with my dad’s boss and coworker. The second I walked in the door, my parents put me to work in the kitchen. I made the hors d’oeuvres.

I love tapas, though I usually just use the name as an excuse to eat a whole bunch of random hors d’oeuvres as a meal.

I had two seconds to snap the picture of the plate I prepared. It had individual Greek-ish layered salad, warm dates stuffed with goat cheese and wrapped in bacon, and finally, spicy shrimp.

Since I took a class on Hinduism in college, every time I have tapas, I think of the spiritual meaning of the word, though I know it’s unrelated to the Spanish food type.

Anyways. I’m thinking of having a tapas dinner party myself, since this one was so well executed.

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5 Fave Coffee Shops in Montreal


5)Le Pikolo This place is tiny, so the name suits it perfectly. The decor is adorable. It’s a great place to mingle with other college students.
4)La Petite Cuillère This place has a relaxed, classically Montreal feel. The coffee is great and the food is even better. They serve classics like croque-monsieurs and I have never been disappointed. They also have amazing lunch deals.
3)Café Pi Though the outside is dull, the inside is strikingly cool. Regulars come to this cafe to play chess or backgammon, which is something to see. I think this is one of the best date ideas, getting coffee and playing chess, but I’m an engineer, what do I know.
2) Le Myriade it’s known as the best coffee in town. The coffee is great, the only thing I don’t dig is the tiny shop with all the hype. There are lineups for a seat! But, if you’re either patient or don’t want to sit, this place rocks and deserves its title of Montreal coffee standard.
1) Le Castel
This is my favorite. The coffee is delicious, the baristas are talented artists that draw faces in your latte, and the decor is seriously cool. It’s located on busy Sherbrooke street, right beside the university. In the summer, 2 walls of windows open up for an almost terrace feel. All year round, it’s the cutest spot to people watch. If you dream about having coffee in Paris but are in Montreal instead, definitely check out this place. The food is subpar, but the croissants are very good.

Please, send me your suggestions if your favorite place didn’t make my list!

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How to Buy a Decent Bottle of Wine for Under $11

It’s a red wine kind of night.

Ikea glass of Vila Regia wine

About a year ago, I decided to only buy wines ringing up to under 11$ (the random number is because so many wines I love are in the $10-$11 range). Portuguese wines such as Vila Regia give you great quality per dollar, and sure, my friends are all sick of me preaching this.  And bringing Portuguese wines everywhere I go. And being generally obsessed with Portugal. As much as I love wine, as a student, I don’t set out to be a snobby wine connaisseur. Apparently, I look like a chocolate chip connaisseur, though. While doing groceries today, some college dude flagged me down to ask me which chocolate chips he should use in pancakes. The small ones are best, in my opinion, because they melt better.

– “Umm I meant milk or dark?”, deer in headlights.

He left with a nice package of semi-sweet. People stop me a heck of a lot and ask for my advice. Maybe I look nice; I should work on being more threatening. On a side note, the baking isle must be a great place to pick up girls!

Back to wines. I read a lot of online reviews, and look out for sales at the liquor commission. Most of all, I try not to buy the same bottle twice, unless I reeeeallyyyy loved it. This allows me to try a whole bunch of different wines I normally wouldn’t buy. Try some Portuguese wine. It might surprise you.

On a side note, I have this crazy idea for a screenplay; it has lodged itself in my mind and I can’t make it go away. I wish I was a person of extreme wealth capable of funding movie projects. Maybe if I had all that money though,  I would rather travel, or blog full-time. If only I could actually write the dang screenplay though (oh yeah, and get it picked up, edited, produced, and have Patricia Clarkson cast, etc). Sigh. At least I have wine.


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